BTS Suga Talks His Dangerous Sword Dance and in Daechwita MV much more.

BTS Suga Talks About His Dazzling Sword Dance In Daechwita Mv And Much More

In behind the scenes of Daechwita MV BTS Suga Explains his dangerous Sword Dance and also Jinkook talks About their Cameo in Daechwita Music Video That how Suga Persuade Them to take part in the Video.

Behind the Scenes of daechwita MV Explained

Recently, BTS Suga made a Comeback After 4 Years with his second Mixtape D-2 Under Agust D name. As soon as Mixtape was Dropped, It Wiped out Itunes and Apple Music Charts In 80+ Countries and Broke Several Records.

In Behind the Scenes Bts Suga Explained the Full Mad king Role

On May 24, BANGTANTV (BTS Official YouTube Channel) posted Behind-the-Scenes Video of “Daechwita”

Daechwita MV behind the scenes

In the Start of behind the scenes of Daechwita MV, Suga said that he has to Perform Mad king Role, He never has done a thing like this before but he surely will give it a shot. He described the scene as “4 Years ago Agust D became King, now another Agust D is Confronting him.

Behind the Scenes of Daechwita MV

Old king in behind the Scenes of Daechwita MV

He told that he made the Title track “Daechwita” for more Auditory Enjoyment than Lyrical. He said, he also focused especially on Visual Choreo. He Said that: I’d like it if you focused on the visual and auditory experiences. I made this the title track because I thought it would be fun.”

Behind the Scenes of daechwita MV

BTS Jin and Jungkook also Made an appearance in MV with a Fighting Scene. Jin Said that “We Came here as background Talent” Jungkook said, “Don’t think of us as BTSWe are the actors Kim Seokjin and Jungkook.” Jin also said that: “Suga Begged us to Appear in it just once

Jinkook cameo behind the scene of daechwita Mv

About Dangerous Sword Dance Scenes, He Said that: “When I found out there’s Sword Dance Somewhat Belatedly, I Practiced two days Before, So here goes

Suga Practiced for 2 Days for his Sword dance Scene in Daechwita MV

J-hope made a Surprise Appearance on behind-the-scenes as he Sent the Coffee Truck on the Set to Support and Cheer Suga. J-Hope said: ” You Look So Cool! What’s Up with your Eye (Pointing out Suga’s fake eye Scar.). Suga said: “I looked even better Yesterday, Now It’s all up to them (To Jin & Jungkook)”

BTS jhope appeared on the Daechwita Behind the Scenes

In the end, he Explained the Scene of Exchanging Eye with the butcher as He was the accomplice with the New Agust D and helped him killing the King by Becoming a fake executioner.

Butcher in Daechwita MV

Executioner in Daechwita Mv agust d

Watch Full Behind The Scenes Video Here:

Photos Courtesy to Big Hit

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