BTS Gave An Inspirational Speech & Purple Box To President For National Youth Day

BTS Gave An Inspirational Speech & Purple Box To President For National Youth Day

BTS delivered an inspiring speech and a purple gift box worth waiting for 19 years at the Blue House in honor of National Youth Day first time in Korea!

BTS in Blue House National youth Day

On the morning of September 19, BTS attended a special event at Blue House celebrating South Korea’s first National Youth Day. The septet delivered an address together as honorary “youth leaders.” In the special presence of President Moon Jae In and first lady Kim Jung Sook.

According to the Soompi, Each of the BTS members delivered a stirring speech.

BTS giving Speech at Blue House

RM kicks off by stating,

“We want to convey our support for all of the youth who are continuously taking on new challenges all over the world, as well as all of the youth who are bravely leading their own lives in South Korea.”

RM's speech on national youth day of Korea at Blue House

After reflecting on their own journey BTS offered words of advice for “the youth of tomorrow,”

 After this, BTS handed over a purple box with BTS’s logo on it. It is said that box has been filled with items that members belatedly picked out.

BTS gifting Purple Box on Youth Day

“In celebration of the first Youth Day in Korea, we put together a special gift to the youth of the future. In the box, we placed our musical achievements, memories, love, and gratitude toward our fans and a special message for the young adults who are recipients of this box.


The box will be displayed at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History and will be opened in 19 years.

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Jin wrapped up the speech by remarking,

“Just like the youth of yesterday and the youth of today, just as we have all done up until now, I hope that you will continue to walk briskly ahead towards the future without stopping. I hope that your exceptional thoughts will change the world, and I hope that you will lead the way and become the light of this day and age for the sake of the youth of tomorrow.”

Watch BTS’s complete speech with English subtitles below! (BTS first appears at 15:54 in the video.)

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