BTS Revealed The Story Why They’re Imitating No Hong Chul In Dynamite

BTS Revealed The Story Why They’re Imitating No Hong Chul In Dynamite

If you thought of Dynamite B Side Mv’s viral dance moves matching No Hong Chul’s action, you’re not wrong! BTS made a cameo of No Hong Chul of 2013 by imitating his funny moves!

Jimin Imitating No Hong Chul
YouTube | Big Hit Labels

BTS appear in a press conference called “ONLINE GLOBAL MEDIA DAY” and chatted about “Dynamite,” the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, and the next goals. BTS members answered the queries of reporters, including Park Yoonji of My Daily news!

Dynamite Global Conference
Bangtan Tv

She queried the most curious question of their comeback that ARMY wants! She asked the Famous “No Hong Chul’s Parody Theory” under the light on social media after the BTS Japanese interview for Map of the Soul: 7~ The Journey. It was again become the town’s talk after the release of “Dynamite’s” B-side music video. Jungkook, Jimin, and were spotted making the gestures in interviews and in mv for which No Hong Chul is known.

They again posed the moves in their Dynamite Instagram Filter release.

ARMY considered that BTS was imitating No Hong Chul on purpose, but that wasn’t the case.

Jungkook responded to it that like ARMY, BTS was also surprised to see it in their B-side Mv.

According to him, BTS was having fun while filming and trying different actions.

“Then… we were doing this, and we were looking at some videos online, and we saw this particular video that everyone’s talking about and sharing.”

BTS Revealed The Story Why They're Imitating No Hong Chul
Dynamite Global Conference

Jungkook explained,

“I did it lightly as part of the many gestures we did; this was for the rehearsal. It wasn’t when the cameras were rolling for the main shot. It was more of a joke, but it made it into the B-Side MV.” 

 Jimin added that BTS are admirers of Infinite Challenge and No Hong Chul was popular with the members even before “Dynamite.”

BTS Jimin Dynamite Era
Dynamite Global Conference

“As Jungkook said, this was for the rehearsal,” Jimin added. “We watch our rehearsal footage, we did it so we can laugh, but it was in the MV, and we were shocked. We thought it was amusing.”

BTS didn’t have a single clue that it would make such an impact. But they don’t know ARMY loves each and everything of them. 

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