BTS Massive Reunion Tour Is On The Way Set Sky High Expectations

BTS Massive Reunion Tour Is On The Way Set Sky High Expectations

Rumors has started that BTS will have a reunion tour as a group for their highly anticipated comeback!

According to interview with Bang Shik Hyuk and reports, BTS is rumored to be preparing for a group reunion tour in 2025 after fulfilling their mandatory military service. An Army has been eagerly looking forward for the comeback of BTS a renowned K-pop group. They all have been on their toes to witness again all seven members singing and dancing together on stage. In a recent interview, Bang Si Hyuk, the chairman and creator of HYBE (BTS agency) confirmed that they are actively working on extensive arrangements for the BTS anticipated comeback in 2025. The excitement of fans is heightened thanks to the announcement.

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BTS Reunion Tour And Comeback In 2025

Since their hiatus BTS has openly expressed that it was their well-deserved break. The chapter one of their journey has ended and they took a time to explore the artistic abilities and talents of each member as solo. Lately, BTS cute members Jimin and Suga discussed their group’s possible comeback in 2025 on Suga’s talk show, “Suchwita.”

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Secondly with the recent interview with Bang Shik Hyuk regarding BTS future return he shared that the excitement for an extensive BTS reunion tour is increasing, particularly following Jung Kook’s extraordinarily successful solo achievements. He also passionately endorsed their upcoming projects, affirming his complete support for the group. the remarks from BTS CEO made fans speculate the theories for BTS’ anticipated comeback in 2025.


In a recent news BTS Jungkook has took the 10th win for his solo Seven making him the first and only soloist to do so in this decade breaking it’s tie with Jisoo’s Flower with 9 wins.

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