BTS Funny Reaction to their Younger Selves on Debut.
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BTS Funny Reaction to their Younger Selves on Debut.

Bts watching themselves back at the time of their debut “5th day”. Their reaction to the video was substantial. BTS  made us realize their hardships and tough journey throughout the time while leaving tears in eyes and smile on the face.

Bangtan BOMB has released a video in which BTS was reacting to their younger selves on their debut (7 years ago).

bts reaction to you
screenshot from Bts Bomb youtube


BTS reaction was full of moments like being embarrassing and laughing on themselves.

BTS looked back ant talked about the memorable moments of their struggling and hardships and feeling proud of them Now and of course their beloved ARMY who supported the boys so much.

Best of BTS Reaction

RM (Kim Namjoon)

RM reaction as he saw BTS introduction, he becomes embarrassed and started laughing!


Just like RM, J-Hope’s reaction was also the same being so confused and feeling a little bit awkward. His face became red on their Introduction.

You can see how he was laughing while watching his younger self telling him to move out of the screen.

V (Kim Taehyung )

V timidly concealed his face with a hand as soon as he saw the Introduction.


Jungkook’s reaction was priceless. He became shy tried to hide behind J-Hope. While punching him in tiny is the cutest thing!

Suga, Jimin, Jin

It seemed that these members were ok with the Introduction. But Reaction on divulging Jimin Abs was so dumbfounded for all members of BTS

Watch their full reaction here:

Bts reaction on their debut 5th day

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