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BTS was Dumbfounded On the unveiling of Jimin Abs

BTS reacted To their old video at the time of their debut. They were dumbfounded when the Epic scene of Jimin unveiling his abs came. Lookout their reaction on Jimin abs.

BTS has debuted seven years ago on June 13, 2013. with a lead single “No More Dream” on Album “2 Cool 4 Skool”. At that time BTS was just a Rookie Group. But now after so much deprivation and hard work they have attained the utmost success. BTS has dominated over the World piling up the heaps of Awards.

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Jimin revealing his Abs is a legendry scene in the history of BTS. The Army and members of BTS themselves loved it so much except for Jimin. He didn’t like it at first. He even told RM that he hated doing it. But after scrutinizing ARMY’s best reaction he feels OK and even started enjoying it so much that he once asked J-Hope;

“Hey, Hyung, Don’t you think I m Hot?”

Even now BTS reaction was Priceless and Shocking as soon as they saw Jimin Abs. After several years They were again mesmerized over it.

See their reaction.


RM on watching Jimin Abs feels shy and embarrassed. Look

How cute his reaction is!


Even Jungkook became JungSh00k!


J-Hope also dumbfounded on Jimin showing his body.

Suga, V, Jimin and J-Hope

Suga, V, Jin, and Jimin himself was enjoying it!


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