BTS Posts Hope Message to Fight against COVID-19

BTS Posts Hope Message to Fight against COVID-19

In BTS’s recent [BANGTAN Bomb] BTS’s are giving hope to ARMY and sharing their feelings as they are cut-off for the sake of prevention from COVID-19.

Bts and covid 19
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.

BTS are self-quarantined as the cases of COVID-19 raises in South Korea. Now to raise awareness and to support, Cadets Of Korea Armed Forces Nursing Academy chooses BTS to encourage and hearten the ARMY all over the World against the fight with COVID-19.

BTS shares national support message for fight against COVID-19

BTS Supporting ARMY to fight Against choronavirus
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.

 BTS also shares their feeling they have now as they are isolated and not having the ARMY to cheer them up. And that they are missing their beloved ARMY so much.

BTS’s Jin

BTS’s JIN said that;

We realized more than ever how meaningful our everyday life was. Standing on the stage facing empty seats, we realize how precious each moment with you was!

BTS Jin Giving Hope To Army for Covid-19Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.>

BTS’s Suga

Suga shared that they feel more isolated as the people are distanced from each other. He thinks that this is the hardest thing.

BTS Suga's message for fight against Covid-19
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.

He said;

COVID-19 has shut down travel and people are keeping their distance from each other. I think the hardest thing may be that we are feeling more and more isolated.

Also, check what BTS wanted to hear from the ARMY.


Jimin praises the connection between BTS and ARMY and that they will win against coronavirus;

I m sure we’ll succeed with the power of our connection.

BTS JIMIN hoping Army for Covid 19
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.


Jungkook gives the most heartwarming advice saying that;

These are times we need trust more than doubt, care more than anger!

Bts Jungkook giving hopw for covid-19
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.

And that;

As the citizens of Korea and World BTS will face this challenge together with all of you.


He hopes for the better tomorrow said that;

I hope we’ll sing and be happy together with you.

BTS V motivating Army about Covid-19
Screenshot from Bangtan Youtube.

Yet they are isolated it didn’t mean that they are far from the ARMY. They are giving some of their reaction videos that their fans love.

At last, RM wants Son-Heung Min (A Global Soccer Star and Legend of Korea) to continue their message of hope.

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  1. BTS is one of the best groups around since Michael Jackson and the Jackso Five. I am 68 years old and I listen to this group everyday and watch their videos. I am praying for all countries over this virus. I live in the USA. God Bless us all.

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