BTS Opens About How Their Achievement Made Bang Si Hyuk Cry
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BTS Opens About How Their Achievement Made Bang Si Hyuk Cry

Lately, BTS Shared their emotions about “Dynamite” and its Billboard Hot 100 success impact on them. And on top, it’s influence “Bang Si Hyuk” belatedly known as group father!.


On September 14, BTS appeared on MBC Radio Program “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp.” where they told about Dynamite’s achievements.

BTS Interview on MBC

During Interview Bae Chul Soo asked a question from BTS that if they anticipated their Single to Top on Billboard Hot 100 or not. On which Suga Replied that

The prior week, #1 was Cardi B, and she is a really strong artist, so we thought ‘Is it possible?’“It would be a lie if we said we did not anticipate reaching #1. When it came to getting #1 for one week, we thought, ‘If we’re lucky, we can do it,’ but getting #1 for a second week was unimaginable.”


Suga Also Added That:

“When “Dynamite” was confirmed as the #1 song for a second week, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk immediately called them and cried over the phone.”

According to Jin Bang PD Said:

“Are you guys all together? Do you guys know what this means? This is really amazing

BTS Told About Bang si hyuk Crying on their Achievements

After This, Host Bae Chul Soo added that there is roughly 20 Song in the Past that Stayed #1 on Billboard pointing that he believes that BTS will Continue to top on Charts in Future.


On Which Jimin Playfully Replied:

BTS Jin Complimanted the MBC's Host

“They say everything comes true when Bae Chul Soo says it,”.

Watch Their Full MBC Interview Below:

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