RM Had To Correct The Malfunctioning BTS On I-Land

RM Had To Correct The Malfunctioning BTS On I-Land

BTS and TXT appeared in The final episode of Mnet’s I-Land that aired on September 18. As a panelist on the show, they gave heartfelt advices to the new debuting group.

BTS on I-Land Final Episode

BTS was the guest in special on I-Land and shared their sincere feelings to the next debuting group of  Big Hit Entertainment. Most of the members passed their thoughts to the new rookie group, but there was one member who seemed to have a difficult time expressing his thoughts – and he is no other than V.

BTS V funny reply  in i-land episode

The army knows that V has a unique style of sharing his feelings and thoughts in his own language well known as the “Taetae language“.

It started when Taehyung as When V was asked to gave thoughts about ‘I-Land’ and didn’t know how to respond and what he said will be written in history,

I saw that there was a lot of food on the I-Land…I used to get scolded for even putting salt on my chicken breast…I saw that everyone was like a family in a good environment…and I was very content. Oh! I’m not saying I was happy about…” -V

And was at a loss for words, RM took the mic and made everyone laugh with his hilarious reply,

BTS Being chaotic in I-land finale episode

 “I’m sorry! our kid is malfunctioning! I’m sorry” making everyone laugh. V seemed embarrassed and turned his back as he burst out in laughter along with members RM and Jimin.

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Fans are loving this cute and hilarious moment. They stated this was very much like another session of BTS being chaotic and their leader being done!

There was another member, Suga who created an awkward situation.

We also debuted here at MNET, at M Countdown so it brought back a lot of memories. You were really good so I hope we see each other often. It’s unfortunate that there’s no audience here but yes it’s good a……” – Suga

 And then fake laughed and everyone rolling over the floor.

They are always chaotic but he truly loves them!


Bang-Pd listening to V!

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