BTS Now Become The Share Holders In Big Hit’ Their Own Label
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BTS Now Become The Share Holders In Big Hit’ Their Own Label

They have now the biggest shares. According to the reports BTS has become the official shareholders their own label Big Hit Entertainment!

BTS Now Become The Share Holders In Their Own Label Big Hit
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After news of the label’s initial public offering revealed, each BTS member is now becoming the owner of 68,385 shares of Big Hit Entertainment. On September 2, the news unveiled that Big Hit had filed for their initial public offering, and each share will approx. priced at 105,000 Won that is ($88.39 USD) to 135,000 Won ($113.65 USD).

The label offered 7.13 million shares of stocks, that means 748.7 billion Won (USD630,208,641.64) to 962.6 billion Won (USD 810,256,228.72) when their initial public offering (IPO) is set later this year. 

Big Hit Shares

 If there is no problem in the registration process with the Financial Services Commission and Big Hit is listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index, the BTS members will get $7.7 million each. It will double their net worth of $8 million reported in 2019.

BTS Shares In Big Hit
BTS | Big Hit

BTS will own 33.5% of the company and 6.7% of the total shares as Big Hit Entertainment plans to hold 1,426,000 shares. The founder and Co-CEO of Big Hit Bang Si Hyuk will turn into the largest shareholder, with 43.44% of the company, and Netmarble will own 25%. 

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