BTS To Join Military Service Altogether? Here’s What Happened
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BTS To Join Military Service Altogether? Here’s What Happened

The military enlistment of BTS is taking new turns.

BTS Jin’s enlistment was due by the next year under the current act governing the compulsory military service. But, recent reports suggest that the Korean government is making a possible way to enlist all the members together.

BTS military enlistment

The question of BTS members’ compulsory military training is always in uncertainty. The eldest member of BTS Jin is due to enlist for the military by the end of next year but tables have turned. New reports revealed that the government of South Korea is considering to amend the act. News is that they are planning to include the K-pop idols under exceptions so they are allowed to delay their enlistment by the age of 30.

BTS Jin in ARMY uniform
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But the present update about BTS’s military service could bring a smile to the ARMY’s faces. 

The Korean government is ground working to enlist all the members together in 2025. Taking note of Jungkook, the youngest of BTS has time before he enlists…

Jungkook military enlistment
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…the septet will not appear as a whole for five years. So, the government and political circles, are carefully planning the delay of BTS members‘ enlistment.

 The military exemption is reportedly taken negatively by the public therefore, the report says that the government is aiming at a measure that could lessen the absence period of BTS by enlisting them together. If this plan is implemented, Jin (1992) and Jungkook (1997) could enlist together with Suga (1993) RM, J-hope (1994), and Jimin and V (1995) and will able to return together. 

BTS Variety Photo Shoot

These thoughts made amid the various milestones that BTS has achieved on the international front. i.e. BTS has topped the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the third time with Dynamite this week. Their all-English track has been featured in the Top 10 position five times now. Apart from that, BTS also delivered their second speech at the United Nations recently that none of the K-pop groups or Korean artists did!

BTS in black suit and Glasses
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They deserve the exception because BTS is always a special case!


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