BTS Members Sway The Rhythm Of Groovy Beats Following Concept Clips Ahead Of ‘Butter’

BTS Members Sway The Rhythm Of Groovy Beats Following Concept Clips Ahead Of ‘Butter’

The anticipation is killing, though…

BTS Butter Schedule
Courtesy To BigHit Music

The countdown for the upcoming release from the Grammy-nominated and the Best group BTS is giving thrills to ARMY. These superstars ready to release their second English Digital Singal’ Butter’ on May 21, 2021. It is a dance-pop track brimming with the groovy yet charismatic charm of the group. And the promo season for Butter has already started. 

After releasing the first concept clips featuring RM and Jungkook, the next set of clips released, the eldest members of the BTS were no other than Jin and Suga.

This evening, BTS dropped three videos featuring J-Hope, Jimin, and V.

For the third time, the set is against the backdrop of an old-school-themed house party aesthetic. BTS members donned all-black attires; the flashy neon lights, bottle, and flat swirl lollipop take over the theme. The camera, balloons, drink, and lollipop has been teased earlier in the poster.

Butter concept poster
Courtesy To BigHit Music

However, the vibe seen is very retro-styled in these clips. Also, they’ve sampled the beats from ‘No Such Thing as Bad Press’ by Bunker Buster.

The next phase of the promotional schedule will start on Sunday, and we’ll see multiple concept clips, teaser photos, and Mv teaser of Butter.

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