BTS Jungkook Returned with a New Boxing Video and Encouraged Fans

BTS Jungkook Returned with a New Boxing Video and Encouraged Fans

Need the inspiration to cut down quarantine laziness? Watch Jungkook Boxing here!

BTS Jungkook Boxing made Fans Go Wild

Jungkook came back with another Boxing Video. In such boredom, a time when everyone is locked at home and have nothing to spend time, BTS is here to fetch with a lot of inspiring content. Whether it’s a painting session with Suga, making carnations with Tae and Jungkook for Parents Day or Gym Inspiration with Jungkook’s boxing. The army has many things to keep themselves fill.

Jungkook Boxing Returned to Encouraged Fans

On May 7 KST, Jungkook Posted a video of himself boxing, under the tag of #BOTD: BTS-of-the-Day. He can be seen practicing amazingly by punching, blocking, and dodging with ease. He captioned the Video

Exercising Hard,Our ARMY should exercise and look after their health!” 

Back to back, on April 23, Jungkook after crashing the life of RM and J-Hope he posted a boxing Video.

Jungook Boxing after RM and JHope's VLive
Screenshot From Vlive

In just two weeks, we can see how Jungkook improved in precision, strength, and dexterity!

The video was posted on the anniversary of his last year’s video.

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