Plagiarism Allegations On Jungkook Seven Set Off Backfire On Accuser

Plagiarism Allegations On Jungkook Seven Set Off Backfire On Accuser

The producer of Time of Mask by Fin.K.L , Yang Joon Young has come in light, and accused BTS Jungkook plagiarism on Seven. But here’s an interesting turn of events. On analysis to verify the validity of his claim netizens got to know the other plagiarized work of the accuser.

After the allegations that Yang Joon Young made with media outlet the song was analyzed by two methods. On a phone call he stated that

“Even though the keys of the songs are different, the scale used in a 4 bar section was the same”.

Yang Joon Young

According to him the four-bar system to conclude it as plagiarism that are fundamentals. To determine the claim of plagiarism, the tune, accord, and beat of the song tested out to ensure if copyright infringement occurred or not. The area that composer subjected was between the 00:52-01:10 (Time of Mask) and 00:55-01:03 (Seven). And after observing the keys of both songs, which are E-major Seven and B minor “Time to Mask”, cannot be matched. 

Jungkook Song Plagiarized Of Time To Mask
Picture Courtesy To Original Creator

‘Doraremiredodora / Doremiredododo / Dorremiredodosol / Solpapamiredodo… ‘(The time of the mask)

‘Missola Shirasol Mimi / Misola Shirasol Mimi / Misola Shirasol Mimi / Leredodo Doshirara… ‘(Seven)

So the outlet applied another method to verify the claim. They changed Seven into a C key and Time to Mask into an Am Key. Moreover they also checked the melody ‘Doremi redo’ that resembles but the key signature and the melody could not be found the same. After running many test and observing the factual evidence the conclusion was made. The composer’s claim are not convincing, according to the analysis thus cleared Jungkook of any plagiarism. Here are the results of plagiarism allegations of Seven by dispatch.

Dispatch Cleared Jungkook Of Plagiarism
Image Source: Dispatch

But it didn’t end here. Later on, netizens noticed that Fin.K.L’s song giving the rhythm of hit pop song. Its name was Say You Will Be There by Spice Girls released in 1996. Its all thanks to the plagiarism controversy that composer was backfired by his own .

Fin.K.L Resembles To Spice Girls
Picture Courtesy To Original Creator

Soon after the 30 seconds of legendry hit you can’t ignore; but find the immense similarities in main melody of his work in song “Time to Mask”. Hybe also briefly commented for plagiarism on Seven stating that

No information regarding this has been sent to us. The allegations are one-sided, and the song does not meet any criteria that are used for judging plagiarism.

Hybe Labels

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People around the world are astonished by the boldness of him having a plagiarized work and still pointing out the others!

Plagiarism On Jungkook Song
Image Source: Theqoo


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