BTS Jungkook Shattered Several Records On Twitter With His Recent Never Not Tweet

BTS Jungkook Shattered Several Records On Twitter With His Recent Never Not Tweet

Jungkook is Record Breaker Maknae of Record-Breaking group when it Comes to games, Songs, or rather Social Media.

Bts Jungkook Never Not tweet Broke the Internet
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He has Achieved Several Records While Breaking His Own Records with Recent “Never Not” Tweet. His Previous Tweets are Known For Setting Highest Records on Twitter, Including Achieving a Title that Only Barak Obama Had.

But This is Not Enough…

On May 2, Jungkook Posted a Tweet, a cover of Lauv‘s song, “Never Not” on BTS’s official Twitter account Which Smashed the Internet by Gaining 1M Views in Just 10 Minutes.

This also Becomes the Fastest Tweet to Achieve 10M views in Just 6 Hours.

His Tweet Became Fastest Ever Tweet on Twitter to Surpass 400K Comments Within 2 hours and 500K Comments Within 8 Hours. Also 5th Most Watched Tweet of any BTS Members of Whole Time.

Jungkook now has 4 tweets with more than 2M likes. Jungkook Never Not tweet reached 2M likes within 16 hours of posting.

Not Only This, Jungkook “Never Not” tweet is now the 5th Most Viewed BTS Tweet of all time, reaching 12.2M views within 9 hours of posting.

This makes him the only BTS member to have 3 tweets in the Overall Top 5 Most viewed BTS Tweets.“He is the King…”

Jungkook trended Worldwide On Twitter within 15 minutes of posting his Tweet. Fans All Over the World went all out with the trends as he occupied all the Top trends By His Name “Jeon Jungkook“.

Jungkook Never not tweet World Wide Trend

His articles Trended on the TOP 3 trends in Naver.

After his tweet, the word BTS started trending on Tumblr. Lauv & Never Not Started trended in MelOn searches after his Post. Jungkook’s Name Become Google’s real-time US trends.

He has Now gained the Title of the “KING OF SOCIAL MEDIA

Congrats to Jungkook.

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