Jungkook Blonde Hair Edit Came To Life And ARMY Had A Explosive Response

Jungkook Blonde Hair Edit Came To Life And ARMY Had A Explosive Response

It’s a story of when a fan edit of Jungkook Blonde hair came out and blessed the ARMY. It is unbeliebbable, but it happened.

Blonde Jungkook

Global sensation, BTS has started the New Year by receiving the award. All BTS members arrived on Day 1 of the 35th Golden Disc Awards held on Saturday, January 9, 2021. Also, BTS has won the Best Digital Song Award for their Dynamic Hit and Grammy-nominated song ‘Dynamite’ at the award show.

Jungkook blonde hair 2021

All members donned graceful attires and were looking stunning at the award night. But when BTS came to stage to have their award, ARMY espied something unusual yet pleasing that fluttered their hearts for a bit.

The Golden Maknae of BTS Jungkook became the center of attention for electing blonde hair. It has been a long period of two years since Jungkook has experienced blond hair. He always tends to stick to natural hues between black and brown with sometimes exceptional color highlights. There’s no such thing that can attack the ARMY more than any BTS member’s new hairdo. Therefore, it made the ARMY so thrilled.

Jungkook Blonde Hair
Jungkook at 2021 GDA

At the moment, absolute chaos is going on around the entire internet as he naturally appeared too handsome and fab.

Jungkook Blonde
Jungkook At 2021 GDA

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Before it was just imagination that BTS Jungkook could ever go for Blonde Hair again in life. For it, talented armies have created so many fan edits. After on, they marked it as “JK Day.”

There’s a storm story about why it’s JK Day is the reverse of his Birthday. Back in 2018, during BTS Season Greetings Package, Jungkook jots down a memo declaring January 9, will now day when ARMY leaves beautiful and sweet messages for him on social media.

JK Day

ARMYs loving it and enjoying their best lives. Once again, Internat has broken down, thanks to blonde Jungkook!

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