BTS Jin Unleashed His New Piano Skills As It Becomes His Hobby.

BTS Jin Unleashed His New Piano Skills As It Becomes His Hobby.

BTS Jin Playing Piano for Army.

BTS is communicating with fans since April 17 by showing their daily lives and the working process of the new album through “BTS TV”. On May 25, BTS’s Jin held a 40 Minutes Livestream on Youtube Showing ARMY his new Piano Skills and also Discussed the process of making new Album.

BTS Jin Playing Piano For Fans

Before playing, He told that he was nervous to show his Piano Skills soon after learning but started after the encouragement of fans.

I’m embarrassed to show you soon after I started piano, but I made an album and thought about what to show for the rest of my time, and then I started doing (YouTube Live) to show off my new hobby.

Jin stated that he was nervous before plaing Piano

Jin in Comfy Clothes Sat in front of Piano and played while watching the Music Sheets. He also added that he started playing Piano as a Hobby and showed it to a friend, he listened and told that it was awesome.

Bts jin Told about Upcoming Bts Album facts

As well as playing Songs He furthermore shared the Details of BTS new Upcoming Self-produced Album and upraised fans’ expectations.

BTS Jin Playing Piano in front of fans

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He Said that Jimin is taking care of Music while V is in Charge of Visual management. He was asked to take on Costume, But he said no. Suga is Working hard on Album Design and will stick with him.

Bts's Jin told that he will design album jacket for bts new upcoming album``

Jin was enthusiastic for Playing piano and working harder on it than the beginning but needs more, He Said “I have to Practiced Hard, it’s still not enough” For 40 minutes he showed his beautiful performance and also mention his thanks to ARMY for all their support and encouragement of his playing during the Livestream.

Watch his Great Piano performance Below:

Photos Courtesy to Big Hit

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