BTS Jimin Wins The Hearts of ARMY With His New Selcas

BTS Jimin Wins The Hearts of ARMY With His New Selcas

BTS Jimin New Selcas Are Just What ARMY Needed!!!!

BTS Jimin New Selcas on twitter
Photo: BigHit Entertainment

AS #BTSISCOMING Currently Trending Over the World as BTS Announced the release of a New Digital Single, Yet #PARKJIMIN is trending on the Internet for these new selfies that he shared with ARMY.

BTS Shared latest Datails of their Upcoming Album | @Bts_twt

On July 26, Park Jimin took over on Twitter and posted two new selfies where he appears with intensely Black Hair and wears a Black Shirt.

BTS JIMIN new Selca on twitter Wins Army's Hearts

BTS Jimin New Selca Trended over world with 1 million Likes

BTS latest tweet with Pictures of all 7 members has garnered 359k ReTweets & 523k likes only 10 minutes after it was posted and BTS JIMIN New Selcas tweet has garnered 337k ReTweets & 504k likes only 10 mins after it was posted.

So far, BTS Jimin’s New Selcas have more than 1 Million likes and more than 500 Thousand Comments ARMY spoke about how good it looks and how much they miss Their Little Mochi!!!

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