BTS Jimin Gives a New Update Regarding His Role as  Project Manager for BTS Upcoming Album!

BTS Jimin Gives a New Update Regarding His Role as Project Manager for BTS Upcoming Album!

 BTS Jimin shared a new update about BTS upcoming album!

On May 1 KST, Jimin was the next BTS member to hold a live stream after RM and Suga on BTS’s official YouTube channel “Bangtan Tv” as part of BTS #StayConnected scheme.

Jimin become a Project Manager for BTS Upcoming AlbumScreenshot fron Bangtan Tv
Screenshot from BangtanTv

In previous live streams, RM revealed that they are working on a New Album, and also Suga updated that the members had suggested that they will self-produce the Album. And now, they had decided who would be in charge of what part in the creation of the album.

Jimin giving in live updates for BTS Upcoming Album

According to Soompi’s Statement Jimin in his Livestream stated that

“Our album this time will be self-produced by us, so we picked PMs [Project Managers]. I became the Music Project Manager. Suga-hyung gave his opinion very strongly. He told me, ‘I want you to become closer to music through this’ and strongly recommended (me for the role). I was grateful for his opinion.”

Jimin his live giving update that he will be the Project Manager BTS Upcoming Album
Screenshot from BangtanTv

He continued,

 “I don’t know yet how exactly I will proceed, but I am working hard in order to be of help. As PM, what I can do now is ask the members how they want to work, what story they want to tell, how many songs they want to do, what style of song, what the composition will be, which members will be suitable for what, and communicate this to the label.”

Jimin said that the members recently held a meeting to discuss all this stuff and briefly explain fans a manuscript with all the members’ opinions written down. He added,

Jimin becomes the Music project manager for  BTS Upcoming Album
Screenshot from BangtanTv

“The members shared some more opinions with me afterward, so I’m going to add those and send it by e-mail. Organizing the members’ words is more fun than you’d think. There’s a sense of pride in organizing the members’ opinions and communicating them with the label. I will go send this now.”

So Stay Tuned and Hope best for BTS upcoming album.


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