BTS Jimin Looks Gorgeous  In The Concept Photos Of Their Comeback Album “BE”

BTS Jimin Looks Gorgeous In The Concept Photos Of Their Comeback Album “BE”

BTS Revealed the Floral Concept Photos of Jimin.

BTS Jimin Concept photos of new album BE
Twitter | BTS_twt

Recently, BigHit Entertainment released the first Concept Photos of BTS Upcoming Album “BE”. V, who is the in-charge of aesthetics was the first member to star in the Teaser Photos. The photos were also tagged “Curated by BTS,” pointing the direct participation of BTS in their New Album.

BTS V Concept Photos For Album BE
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On November 2, after V, BigHit Entertainment chooses Jimin as the second member to star in the concept photos.

In the previous photo, Taehyung seated on a red couch like an emperor while a carpet spread under the couch. On the top of his head, a photo frame hung, which Taehyung revealed was captured by him. Besides the photo, V placed four violins against a green and white striped wall.

BTS V Concept Photo of Album BE
Twitter | BTS_twt

In the recent photos, BTS Jimin can be seen sitting alone on a couch in a room, giving the camera a charming stare that is both innocent and Passionate. The room is full of bright colorful flowers and light coming from the back window. The post is also titled “Curated by BTS” just like the previous one.

BTS Jimin in new Concept Photo of their New Album BE
Twitter | BTS_twt

The new album is scheduled to be released on November 20 The title track of the album is “Life Goes On.” Check out the concept clip here:

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