The Embodiment Of Black Swan Jimin, Is Remitting The Blood, Sweat, & Tear Era-Again

The Embodiment Of Black Swan Jimin, Is Remitting The Blood, Sweat, & Tear Era-Again

The literal embodiment of Black swan “Jimin” is riding ARMY back to the Blood, Sweat, and Tears era!

Jimin is the BTS member that mostly suits sexy and dark concepts. His aura and charm always emit the most erotic and intriguing vibes. Moreover, his elegant style of dance is just like the cherry on the top.

Jimin Black swan
Big Hit Entertainment

Taking the case in Black Swan. When asked to the members, they have nothing to say except that the Black Swan = Jimin

Recently, BTS performed Black Swan at Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the D_3. And once again it proved that Jimin was truly a human ‘black swan’.

Jimin Black Swan Performance
Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

But with a plot twist, Jimin’s grace in black attire with choker gave the Army a memory of something familiar that they loved before.

Yes, The Blood, Sweat, and Tear Era Jimin…

Jimin Blood Sweat and Tear era
Big Hit Entertainment

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No one cannot deny the truth that Jimin owned this era. He was just perfect, from his angelic voice, ethereal look to his mesmerizing dance. In today’s performance, ARMYs spotted a glimpse of that Jimin again. With the Choker and in Hot black dress…

The coordination is similar to the previous blood, sweat, and tear activities,

Jimin in black choker
Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

So there are a lot of people who like it more.

Fans are being skeptical if there’s BST era is returning or they are going to Perform Blood, Sweat, and Tears for D_4?

Do you think the same way?

Find Out here!


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