BTS Jimin being Embarrassed AF* on using Washroom in front of thousands of Army
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BTS Jimin being Embarrassed AF* on using Washroom in front of thousands of Army

Jimin using the Washroom during the Live Stream is the best and most cutest thing for Army but might not be as same as for him. Jimin being embarrassed so much all the time.

Jimin teling dumpling incident n Vlive

On March 26 KST, Jimin went on a Live Stream after a long time. Jimin chatted with his fans, gave them updates about his life and discussed the Dumpling Fight with V and the reason to include it on their Song “Friends”. Jimin was in the middle of talk when he suddenly gets to start embarrassed.

He is embarassed on vlive

He kept on saying the this is funny and really embarrassing. The Army couldn’t understand what he wanted to say until he told them

“I want to go Bathroom, I’ll be back”.

Jimin embarassed on using washroom

After about several minutes, Jimin returned with the red flustered face. He starts to pretend like that nothing happened and wanted the Army to do the same.

“Nothing Happened, Right?”

bts Jimin uses washroom on Vlive

Jimin being embarrassed that much that he even started to explain why he had to go.

He explained that

“I felt so thirsty that I drank too much water”

and Army can’t get over his cuteness.

Jimin promised that he will again do a Vlive on Monday which he fulfilled.

On Monday, March 30 held a Live Stream. Talking of his scedules, Jimin made appearances of BTS members by calling them. First, it was V and then Jin whom he had fun by playing the role of House Cleaning Sevice.

He's being cute and on vlive

ARMY will never let this Washroom Incident of Jimin go. They again started to tease Jimin if he again wanted to go Washroom and Jimin’s Reaction on this was the most adorable and funny thing ever.

He told them to


Jimin uses washroom and embarassed telling army to shush

Watch Jimin’s Complete V-Lives Here.

Jimin’s Vlive March 26

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