BTS J-hope Made Bracelets For BTS Members That Truly Suits Their Personalities

BTS J-Hope Completed Making Bracelets For BTS Members That Truly Suits Their Personalities

On June 12, BTS’s J-Hope turned on a live stream for another round of art and craft by making bracelets for his members.

Bts Jhope Made Bracelets For BTS Members

In his Previous Vlive, he worked on making handmade bracelets for each of the members using cute charms that match the members’ Microphone colors. He Completed remaining bracelets of members in his second Vlive and all of them turned out beautifully.

BTS members Bracelets made by Jhope

JHope again titled the Broadcast as Watch If You’re Bored (Beware of Frustrations Part 2!) in order to aware fans in advance to only watch the live stream if they were bored because they might get frustrated at his bracelet-making skills. He started the Live Stream with a Bright Smile and then next 90 mins he crafted the bracelets and answered ARMYs’ Questions.

J-hope Made Bracelets For BTS members

First, he Completed Suga’s bracelet, Afterwards, he Created Pink colored Jin’s Bracelet the same as his Microphone color, He also put Alpaca as Jin’s Cute Charm.

After it, He made V’s Green Bracelet and he uses the Bear (referring to his song Winter bear) as V’s Cute Charm. He also Showed all Braceletes to the Fans one by one.

Winter Bear for V's Bracelet Used by Jhope

V's Bracelet Made by Jhope

Next, He created Jungkook’s Purple Colored Bracelet and as ARMY Guessed in his Previous Live, He used Bunny as his Cute Charm.

BTS Jungkook's Bunny Baracelet Made By Jhope

Finally, he Created RED Bracelet For himself. He used cute brown Squirrel as his Lucky Charm which suits his image very well.

BTS Jhope's Red Bracelet

In the end, he one by one showed all Bracelets to Fans Take a Look on Every Bracelet below:

Jin’s Alpaca Bracelet:

Bts Jin's Bracelet made by J-hope

Jimin’s Duckling Bracelet:

jimin's Duckling Bracelet made by Jhope

V’s Winter Bear Bracelet:

V's Winter Bear Bracelet made by Jhope

Suga’s Monochromatic Bracelet:

Suga's Bracelet made by J-hope

Jungkook’s Bunny Bracelet:

Bts Jungkook's Bracelet made by j-hope

RM’s Cool Blue Bracelet:

Rm's Bracelet made by J-hope

J-hope’s Heart Bracelet:

Jhope's Bracelet Vlive

Here are the complete Set Bracelets:

Bts Members Bracelets Made ByJhope
Photo= aesthetic_jessi/twitter

Watch J-Hope making Bracelets with his Eternal Love for his Members.

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