BTS Isn’t BTS Without Being “Chaotic” Showed In 3rd Teaser Of “In The Soop”

BTS Isn’t BTS Without Being “Chaotic” Showed In 3rd Teaser Of “In The Soop”

In the 3rd teaser of In The Soop BTS proved that whatever their age is, they are incomplete without being chaotic!

BTS upcoming reality show “In the SOOP BTS Ver.” Is filmed at a house in a forest (Soop). Its primary purpose is to focus on themed as spending time between the hustle of every day in relaxation.

Just like the previous teasers which showed the calm and relaxing environment of soop, the new teaser exactly does the same. The 3rd teaser of Soop begins with a memorizing shot of the house and its setting in the Lake 192. According to the subtitles, the show was filmed Back in June.

At first glance, everything seems quite beautiful and calm as the embers of BTS were taking a nap in the open air, painting, and fishing by the lake.

But it was a short time of peace as the chaotic teaser starts soon after RM saying

“What did the production staff expect?”

as BTS brings a level of chaotic energy to the scene. The members face some unexpected problems in cooking their meals, rowing boats, and chopping wood with fun, chaos, and laughter.

The teaser continues showing BTS members engaged in different activities as coking working in a field playing pranks and games with their members, Painting in peace, and reading books along with enjoying the campfire.

BTS reality show “In the SOOP BTS Ver.” Will be premiered on JTBC on August 19 at 11 p.m. KST. Fans are also able to enjoy the extended version of the show starting from August 20 at 12 a.m. KST available on WeVerse

Watch BTS In The Soop went from peaceful to chaotic bangtan…

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