Mnet Releases The Exciting Teaser of BTS Coming In I-land Soon.

Mnet Releases The Exciting Teaser of BTS Coming In I-land Soon.

Mnet’s New Teaser Confirms The Appearance of BTS on I-LAND.

BTS in I-land - Special Appearence on 14 August
Courtesy to BigHit

I-LAND is an examination reality program for the creation of a new boy group. It’s the first project by BELIF+, which is a joint bridge between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS Appearence in Mnet's Show O-land

On July 31, In the Recent Episode of Mnet’s Survival I-LAND,” The Teaser was Shared at the end of the episode when trainees talk about the impact of BTS on their life.

BTS in I-land Teaser | Bts will appear in I-land Show on 14 August
YouTube | Mnet

For the I-LAND participants, meeting BTS is a dream which will come true. Some of them started their career in music industries by inspiring from BTS

“I think I changed after seeing BTS; They were so cool that it made me want to go to Korea— K

“I wanted to feel that kind of emotion that BTS feels when they perform on Stage” Jake

“I think they made me realize I want to be an idol.Sunghoon

A caption then appears with the BTS logo, “AND, Into the I-LAND, BTS,” and the date of August 14.

BTS Special Appearance on I-Land is Confirmed. However, It is unclear what their role will be, but fans predict that BTS will be the judge of performances, teaching them, or both.

So Get Ready ARMY For Next Amazing Episode of I-Land!!!

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Watch BTS in I-LAND Full Teaser Here:

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