BTS Has Overcome The World Song Charts That Shows BTS World Domination

BTS Has Overcome The World Song Charts That Shows BTS World Domination

BTScontinues its reign on world charts with their Albums, Songs, Solos, MVs, and Unpromoted songs!

BTS World Domination

BTS Charts 2020…

The Efforts of BTS fans are unmistakable to ensure that the group and its members continue to set an excellent record in their artistic careers. Within this week, BTS members had broken several records on world music charts thanks to their ARMY!

BTS topping on charts
Photo= Big Hit

Let’s have a look at BTS achievements in 2020 so far.

BTS Songs on iTunes charts…

Anything that BTS has dominated along with their Album is BTS domination on iTunes charts. The septate has broken the 5-years Record of Adele with Black Swan and became the only group in the world having a song with the most #1s on iTunes charts. Not only this, but V from BTS also surpassed its own band’s record on iTunes, making him the one and only artist in the world to have the most #1s on the plate form.

Sweet night on ITunes

Alongside V, the other members of BTS have also set a remarkable history by breaking their own records and setting new ones.

Heres BTS #1’s On iTunes Songs Chart…

 #1 Sweet Night — 108

#2 Black Swan — 104

 #3 ON — 92

#4 Moon — 86

#5 Stay Gold — 84

#6 IDOL | CNS — 75

#7 WIOM | Daechwita—74

#8 Boy With Luv — 72

#9 Mic Drop Remix — 69

#10 My Time’ by Jungkook: 61 #1’s on iTunes.

And now BTS Jin is the 2nd Korean Soloist with most #1 on iTunes Worldwide, Joining BTS V, RM, and PSY.

Jin 4th korean soloist on with moon on 1 at iTunes

And Here is BTS #1s on iTunes Albums Charts…

BTS RM has become the only Asian act to achieve this feat by beating his own group.

#1. Mono BY RM— 104

BTS RM mono on Itunes charts

#2. Map of The Soul: 7— 98

 #3.MOTS: Persona — 90

#4.Love Yourself: Tear—86

#5. Agust D ‘D-2’By Suga— 85

Agust D-2 at 85 o iTunes charts

BTS Spotify Streams 2020…

BTS Jimin Becomes the 1st Korean Solo Act With 4 Songs Serendipity, Lie, Promise, and Filter Surpassing 60 Million Streams On Spotify. Jimin’s Filter has set the new record for the fastest Korean male solo song to hit 60 million streams making it the most-streamed song on Spotify in 2020 so far.

Jimin songs streaming on spotify

And BTS’Jungkook Euphoria is the most streamed song on Spotify by a male Korean Idol  Solo until now.

most streamed song on Spotify

The song has surpassed “Any Song” by Zico.

Any Song by Zico

Also, D-2’ by Agust D has surpassed 100 MILLION streams on Spotify in just 49 days becoming the fastest album by a Korean solo artist to achieve this. It’s the 2nd album of 2020 by a Korean artist to reach this mark SUGA is the first and only Korean solo artist to have two albums with over 100M streams on Spotify.

Agust D-2 on Spotify 2020

1. J-Hope – Hope World (224.1M)

2. RM – Mono. (195M)

4. Agust D – Agust D (111.2M)

5. Agust D – D-2 (100M)

BTS on Anghami Charts…

Jimin has set another record by becoming the first Korean soloist to have 4 songs Serendipity, Lie, Promise and Filter with over 500,000 streams on Anghami charts (the biggest streaming platform in the Middle East.)

BTS Jimin Has Overcome The World Song Charts on Anghami

And “Euphoria” by BTS’ Jungkook set a remarkable history being the most streamed BTS solo song on Anghami,

Most streamed song euphoria on Anghami

Also, BTS has become the most-streamed Korean Artist on Anghami by hitting 100 million streams.

BTS most streamed artist on Anghami with 100 million streams

BTS On Youtube…

BTS Blood, Sweat, and Tears Surpassed 600+ Million Views becoming their 7th Mv to achieve this record. Now BTS is the FIRST and ONLY group in history to have 7 music videos to achieve this milestone.

BTS blood sweat and tears mv hit  600 million views


 800M+ Boy With Luv

700M+ Fake Love

600M+ IDOL, Mic Drop, Fire, BS&T

500M+ Dope, Save Me

400M+ Not Today

300M+ Boy In Luv, Spring Day

200M+ War Of Hormones, ON Kinetic Film, I Need U

In addition Epiphany by BTS Jin has crossed 60 Million Views on Youtube

Map of the Soul:7 The Best Selling Album Of 2020…

BTS proves its worldwide fame once again. Their 7th album ‘Map of the Soul:7‘ is the top-selling album in the US halfway through 2020 according to Billboard charts.

BTS Map of the Soul: 7 sales 2020

According to the mid-year report by the business article of Billboard, “BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 is the top-selling album at the midpoint of 2020, with 552,000 copies sold across all formats (physical CDs, vinyl LPs, cassettes, etc., along with digital album downloads).

BTS On Genie Charts…

“Boy with Luv” has now surpassed 100 MILLION streams on Genie!. It is the first group song and the fifth overall to reach this milestone.

BTS Boy with luv on Genie chart

This shows that the only one that can beat BTS’ record on the world charts is BTS itself!

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