BTS Giving Hints That They are Working on Something  New for ARMY

BTS Giving Hints That They are Working on Something New for ARMY

ARMY get ready! BTS might drop something new. BTS’s RM and Jimin Hinting about it on recent Jimin’s V-live and RM accidentally gave a spoiler.

Bts is Upto Something New
courtesy to bighit

BTS proved that they are workaholics. When all the world mostly on lockdown and people are closed in their homes, BTS is no other than the exception. But they are working even harder, preparing something new and might planning a surprise again for their beloved ARMY. BTS members are found dropping hints about it.

BTS’s V revealing about shooting…

Bts V Naver X Dispatch 2020
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BTS’s V always finds time for his ARMY on Weverse. On March 10, he gave a small teaser about it. While talking about what game to play, V made everyone astounded that he was in the middle of the shoot at this moment.

He wrote;

I Don’t Have Wifi Right Now to Download the Game cause I’m at a Filming Studio!

Bts V Message on Weavers

V’s Statement made the whole fandom burst into curiosity. They started to wonder what he is shooting?? A Fan asked;

“I wonder what kind of shoot is…?”

V replied;

V Reply to Fan on Weavers

“It’s Probably a shoot that ARMY will see one day, right……? there’s no reason for us to shoot if it’s not that?”

BTS’s J-Hope and V Hinting again…

On March 18, V again made a clue about it.

A fan asked;

J-hope and V Message

“Are u guys on vacation right now.”

V made a suspicious comment;

“We Are Working Very Hard!”


Bts's J-hope Hinted that he is upto something new
Courtesy to BigHit

On the same day, J-Hope also made a skeptical comment to a Fan.


“Oppa, what kind of style of music are you working on these days I m already excited about it”.

Bts v on weavers

J-Hope wrote;

“These days I m just listening, searching and trying, I m just doing stuff…..”

BTS’s RM exposing Jimin’s rhythm…

Jimin held a Vlive on March 26, chatted with his fans and updated about what he is doing in recent days. Meanwhile, RM made a chaotic visit to Jimin’s Vlive. BTS RM and Jimin were having a cute and funny conversation on Vlive with fans until

Bts's RM and Jimin V-Live

RM gave a hint about “His” working on something and that they are preparing something new.

Bts RM and Jimin on V-live 2

About the maintenance of Jimin’s rhythm, it seemed that RM shouldn’t have mentioned it.

Bts RM and Jimin on hinted something in V-live

Soon he realized his mistake by seeing Jimin’s Face.

Jimin Funny Reaction on what he said

After that RM left Jimin startled.

Rm leaving V-live

Bts jimin V-live

So what does BTS have in store for the ARMY?? Only Time will Tell but it gonna be a huge one!

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