BTS Flirting with their “Handsome florist” Teacher is the most Endearing thing that you ever witness
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BTS Flirting with their “Handsome florist” Teacher is the most Endearing thing that you ever witness

BTS members started flirting with the “Handsome florist” Teacher in a cute way that even he was laughing over BTS strategy. It is now believed that they can be the best even in flirting with their teacher.

BTS JIN Winking Handsome florist Teacher

In Run Bts ep 99 BTS has to make assortments with the flowers. As it was their First time, a Florist is appointed as their teacher.

Handsome florist Teacher in Run BTS Episode 99

Formerly BTS was apprised by their “Birth flowers” and the meaning behind it. They were amazed over it how the meaning holds the resemblance with their personalities and even with the songs such as “Dead Leaves” by Suga and “Serendipity” of Jimin.

BTS Suga Birth Flower Resembles to his Song "DEAD LEAVES"

After this segment, Florist teaches BTS how to make Boutonneris and they focused on teasing him by flirting instead of boutonnieres. Their compliments for him showed how these Humble kings trying to be funny and making a comfortable environment.

For this Suga lead it First

“Isn’t he handsome enough to be on Produce 101”

later on

“A male florist looks so cool like in dramas”.

Handsome Florist Teacher Complimented by BTS SUGA

J-Hope wanted the sound effects for a better atmosphere. Which on later added by the Run BTS team.

“Such a Handsome Teacher”


“We need some special sound effects”

BTS Jhope Adding Sound Effects on Run BTS EPISODE 99

Jimin praises his style and outfit.

BTS Jimin Complimenting Handsome florist Teacher Run BTS Episode 99

“His Outfit and Hairstyle is really nice look overall”.

Added by V that

“His Face is Like a Flower”

“I think he’d have an unexpected side”.

Handsome florist Teacher Complimented BY BTS's V

and then he suddenly asked him unexpected questions

“Do You Like Hip Hop”?

“How many years have you been a florist for?”

The Handsome Florist Teacher and tik toker named Isaac posted the photos From RUN BTS episode on his Instagram and showed his love for BTS

“They were like flowers”

Handsome florist Teacher Tiktok Account

Finally, after a long struggle, BTS succeeded in making beautiful assortments and “Winner of the Day” was Jin whose Boutonneris and Corolla were leJINdary!!!


Today’s Run Bts Episode was all about

Watch Complete Episode Here

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