BTS Fans Pranked American News Channel ABC7 & Their Response Is Much Better

BTS Fans Pranked American News Channel ABC7 & Their Response Is Much Better

BTS Jungkook Graduated in 2020 —AGAIN!!

BTS Jungkook Graduated From Rowland Heights
Photo: Dispatch

Due to COVID-19 Pendamic, Students Can’t attend Schools and Graduation Ceremonies, But for this Virtual Celebration like Dear Class of Youtube are arranged to give honor and respect to those Students who have been Graduated during this difficult time.

BTS in Dear Class of Youtube 2020

But BTS Jungkook is having his good time of graduation again in 2020, Thanks to ARMY.

BTS Jungkook Graduated From Seoul School of ARTS
Courtesy to BIG HIT

Not long ago ABC7 (News Station) Highlights the Viewer’s Submitted Student Photos and Names to cheer them on their Graduation.

BTS Fans Pranked American News Channel withBTS jungkook's Graduation Photo
Photo: ABC7 News

The show mistakenly Featured Jungkook of BTS as “Jungkook Jeon” of Rowland Heights, California.

BTS fans Pranked American News Channel With Bts Jungkook's Graduation Photo
Photo: ABC7

Shortly, the Station Noticed too much great Response on Twitter From BTS’s Fans and realized their mistake, So they Replied in the best way.

BTS fans Pranked American news Channel with BTS jungkook's Graduation Photo
Photo: ABC7 News

On May 28, ABC7 reporter George Pennacchio Talked about Army’s Prank, He described it as:

“We love bringing you photos every day of our graduating high school seniors. And from the more than 8,000 submissions we’ve received, one got through that shouldn’t have; and it sure caused a social media sensation!”

ABC7 Channel's Reporter George addressed about BTS ARMY's Joke
Photo: ABC7

“Someone sent in a picture of a young man, suggesting he was a graduate from Rowland Heights. Well, he is actually a member of the hit South Korean supergroup, BTS, Jungkook Jeon.”George Pennacchio

As Channel didn’t want to Slight other BTS members So they also added them to the Graduating class of 2020.

BTS as Graduated From Graduation Class of 2020 - ABC7 News
Photo: ABC7 News

“As soon as we aired it, their fans known as #BTSARMY started having a field day, racking up tens of thousands of likes on Twitter. We didn’t want to slight the other members of BTS so with a little help from our friends in the ABC7 graphics department, we put ALL the guys from the group in graduation attire.”— George Pennacchio

Watch ABC7’s Response Video Below:

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