BTS Started Different Countdowns For Their Upcoming Single in August

BTS Started Different Countdowns For Their Upcoming Single in August

BTS Countdown For Upcoming Song Has Been Started!!!!

BTS Countdown for New Album has been started | @Bts_twt

On July 28, BTS Started Seven Countdown on a new Website ahead of their Upcoming Comeback in August.

BTS Started Live Countdown For their new upcoming Album

Yesterday on July 27, On Live Broadcast BTS announced a surprise comeback with a release of Digital Singal on 21 August Prior to Their Selfmade Upcoming Album.

Bts announced a Surprise Comeback in August | @Bts_twt

The Countdown was posted on twitter by Columbia Records and then retweeted by BTS’s official account. The Website contains seven different countdowns in seven different Colours.

As there are seven different countdowns, Each might be connected to the one of BTS member. Since we don’t know any further details, It might be for upcoming teasers or other content leading up to the single release.

BTS New Alcum Dates | BTS Cowntdown for Upcoming Album | Bts New Album Countdown
BTS Countdown Dates

The dates of BTS Countdowns for Upcoming Album are:

July 31, 12AM KST

August 4, 12AM KST

August 5, 12AM KST

August 7, 12AM KST

August 19, 12AM KST

August 21, 1PM KST

August 22, 12AM KST

So, Mark Your Calendars ARMY!!! BTS Is Back.

Watch BTS Countdown Live Below:

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