An ARMY Had A Dream About “Stay Gold” One Year Prior To Its Release

An ARMY Had A Dream About “Stay Gold” One Year Prior To Its Release

BTS x ARMY relation again proved to exist the best thing on Earth as they have begun to see BTS upcoming songs in their dreams!

Bts love for Army

On June 26, BTS has dropped the pre-released single Stay Gold from their upcoming Japanese Album which will be released in mid of July.

Now after the release of beautiful MV, it is revealed that an ARMY had a dream of BTS Stay Gold Mv one year prior to its release.

BTS x Amy love and dream

She tweeted:

I had a dream about BTS’ comeback. In my dream, they all had dark hair, were wearing white and were in a field of flowers singing about friendship and it was so beautiful, there was blue, purple and violet tones mostly.

ARMY had a dream of Stay gold mv by BTS

The tweet was made on January 29, 2019.

Now the ARMY is having goosebumps and wondering if she has got Yoongi‘s power to predict and having dreams about the future!

Suga predicting future about BTS billboard awards

When Suga told that he had a dream of going overseas to receive the award and it happened after two years when they won the Billboard Awards for Top Social Artist in 2017.

Bts on billboard award 2017

This hasn’t happened for the first time. When Jungkook and RM put an IG story followed by Jin, J-Hope and V.Army had started to predict the Yoonmin Selca after a long time of 317 days. And this actually happened the next day. This proofs that Suga wasn’t wrong when he said that

“we transcend languages”

BTS x Army is what we call a True Love Bond connected by souls!

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