BigHit Made Official Statement on” Re-scheduling BTS Tour 2020

BigHit Made Official Statement on” Re-scheduling BTS Tour 2020

BTS TOUR 2020” which to be held on April 11,12,18 and 19 in Seoul was Canceled due worsening of the COVID-19 situation.

Bts Tour 2020
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As the tour in Seoul was canceled, so the ARMY was upset. And after the situation gets more serious their tour for Santa Clara (Levi’s Stadium) was also post ponded. On this Big Hit Entertainment has now officially released a statement on explaining the current planning of BTS “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR 2020”.

BTS Map Of Soul Tour
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Hello, Big Hit Entertainment here,

“We will mentor you about the current preparations of BTS “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR 2020”. As the risk of Corona-19 has raised on a worldwide level especially in some cities and countries, it became more difficult to schedule a show. As a result, “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” performances have been disrupted.

BTS Map of Soul 7 Tour 2020
Courtesy to BigHit

So as for the next steps like canceling performances and rescheduling the tour dates will be decided on the full cooperation, recommendations and direction of both national and local governments and venue for the concerts will be planned by ensuring the safety and health of everyone.

We are also making an effort to proceed with the performances where possible. Further details will be provided on changes for each region”. 

Big Hit Entertainment also encouraged the ARMY who wasn’t able to attend BTS “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR SEOUL” due to cancellation”.

bts tour 2020
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Big Hit spoke that;

“We are planning a way to schedule for BTS “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR 2020” Seoul performance when the situation for Corona-19 becomes stable. And also trying to give a high “BTS TOUR 2020” performance for the fans who are waiting for BTS Tour Dates and disappointed”.

In addition, the also said that;

“In this tough condition despite difficulties, we will try or best to conduct the schedule performance as we promised to our fans. We would like to ask for our generous understanding and looking forward to “BTS Map of Soul: 7 Tour 2020”.


BTS is currently scheduled to hold a concert in North America at the End of April. Also, for Europe and Japan until the ending of Tours in September.

We wish that situation become better allowing them to fulfill their plans!


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  1. Thank you for your update. Please stay safe and healthy. Although I am disappointed of a possible cancelation everyone’s health is so important. Will continue to watch bts on YouTube videos and bts run… Hope to see you soon when we can… love 1 of you army fans. ?????????

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