Army Had A Lot Of Fun By Creating BTS memes But One Was Proved Too Much For Jin

Army Had A Lot Of Fun By Creating BTS memes But One Was Proved Too Much For Jin

Run BTS Episode 106 gave the Army so many photos and moments to enjoy for a long time and to enhance their photoshop ability by creating a lot of Jin memes!

bts photoshot in run bts episode106

On June 30, Episode 106 of run BTS continued for the remaining photoshoots with members RM, V, and Jungkook. They have also taken the unit photos for their selected themes. They have given ARMYs a bundle of hilarious pictures to enjoy for a long time. From Suga’s childish pose…..

suga photo run bts episode 106

To Jimin’s “Rookie Actor”, Good boy photo mystery that was hung in the Artist lounge of Big Hit…

Jimin Good boy photo in Artist Lounge of Big Hit

And V’s majestic visuals…

BTS B beautiful photos in run bts 106

All this was enough to digest in a day but Army isn’t the creative fandom for nothing. They have created plenty of BTS memes from their Run BTS Episode 106.

Suga as Stubborn child in the Shopping Mall…

Suga memes in run bts

Jimin’s picture’s Auction for infinity thousand dollars…

Jimin mystery photos memes

In case you want more…

Run bts episode 106 Jimin funny memes

Run bts ep 106 Jimin funny pose

and for Golden Maknae who can pull off any kind outfit in may be any situation right?…

Jungkook in run bts ep 106

See Jungkook as a cultural reset…

Jungkoook as peter pan

Jungkook funny outfit

and making everyone jealous …

bts funny photos

and then comes Jin’s memes that ARMYs have taken to next level.

When the members of BTS saw Jin’s photo, RM expressed his wish to edit it with Blue sky. Knowing their fandom perfectly, Jin tried to stop RM from saying, that ARMY memes will flood the Weverse from it. After seeing these memes it proved that Jin was absolutely right. Maybe he had foreseen the future what fans would do to his photo in the future.

bts jin memes

Jin memes run bts

The Shadow like Jin…

BTS funny memes

BTS Jin's reaction on his memes

The Jings Tour…

BTS jin run bts 106

Also, read An Army had a dream of Stay Gold a year before its release.

Jin memes

Rub bts funny moments

run bts 106 funny moments

bts funny moments

If Take My Hands Now had a picture…

Jin reply on bts memes

A particular meme caught the attention of Jin and he was a kind of speechless.

According to Koreaboo’s statement, The picture was captioned as

“Our BTS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,” a fan wrote. “Is this what you wanted ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

Jin reaction on his memes

For this Jin replied:

 “No, this is a little,” too much?

jin reply on weverse on his memes

Source: Weverse

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