DAECHWITA MV:  Here are all Facts to Know About Suga’s New AGUST D’s MV

DAECHWITA MV: Here are all Facts to Know About Suga’s New AGUST D’s MV

After the Mysterious D-Countdown Started By Big Hit Entertainment, Bts Suga returned With his Long-Awaited Second Mixtape “D-2” with a staggering Lead Single “DAECHWITA”.

Big Hit Mysterious Counter Revealed
Photo: twitter/Bts_twt

Suga released this mixtape “D-2” under the name of Agust D On Apple Music and SoundCloud on May 22 at 6 pm. This is the Second Mixtape of Suga After AGUST-D From 2016.

Bts Suga in Daechwita MV
Courtesy to Big Hit

D-2 shows off his love of hip-hop. The lead single “Daechwita” is a cross-cultural sort of traditional Korean music, highlighted by Agust D’s nimble rhymes and explosive chants.

The List Contains 9 More Awesome Tracks

Agust d-2 track List

The project’s collaborators include BTS ace RM in Track “Strange”, K-pop artist NiiHWA in “28”, American R&B singer MAX in “Burn It”, and Kim Jong Wan of Korean rock band NELL in “Dear my friend”.

Daechwita MV Cover of Agust d2
Courtesy to Big Hit

“Daechwita” is a sample of Korean traditional music, DAECHWITA MV is characterized by an atypical atmosphere and distinctive emotions combined with Korean traditional musical instrument sounds

It Contains Traditional but Chic, Profound but Cool, Dark but Rich, Death but Life. Daechwita got everything

Daechwita MV Dark Scenes
Source: Naver

Suga’s Rapping, which strikes With Tremendous Power and adds Super intensity to the Music.

BTS Suga Rapping in Agust d2 MV
Courtesy to Big Hit

The Dark Place and Executioner’s Scenes (Probably taken From Past Kings) adds the vicious Atmosphere in Daechwita MV. Whole Music Video Creates Immense Suspense and keeps Viewers up the Hook.

Daechwita MV Dark Palace

the Executing Scenes of Music Video of Agust D2
Source: Twitter

The Surprise Appearance of Jinkook, Fighting Behind Rapping SUGA Adds Super Excitement in Music Video. Jin’s amazing Acting Skills Created Humorously Environment and Makes it Superb.

In the background of the palace, Suga’s passion for expressing two different figures shines. Also, the scene of wearing hanbok and dancing a sword makes the Everyone Stunned.

Suga with Sword in DAEchwita MV

Suga’s Eye Scar Also is the main Highlight that got Everyone’s Eye.

Courtesy to Big Hit

At the End of DAECHWITA MV, The killing of OLD king Min-Yoongi by New King Min-Yoongi Was the Breath-Taking Scene and amazed Everyone.


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