Bts #blackswan official Mv

9 Things You Didn’t Notice in BTS Official MV for “Black Swan”

BTS has released their Official MV For Black Swan and #BlackSwan is now Trending Number 1!

bts Black  swan official Mv
screenshot from bighit youtube

BTS has always put something Extra in their MVs.Here are some things that you might have not known.

1. Wings

Jungkook tried to Open his Wings, but he wasn’t able to do so unlike Jimin, who easily opened his wings.

That may be a concept why Jungkook didn’t have wings in the concept photo!

bts black swan concept shoot
courtesy to bighit

2. Relation with Blood, Sweat, and Tears

BTS always link their MVs with each other. Just like their ON official MV have References with Fake Love, the starting of #BlackSwan was the same as Blood, Sweat, and Tears!

3. Neverending WINGS Saga

Is With the Opening of Wings. The way BTS V opened his wings in BST Jimin opened his wings in the same manner!

4. Ladies Room

Jin part in Mv was shooted in the Historic Theatre in Ladies Room

5. References from Darren Aronofsky

So many references from the actual Darren Aronofsky #BlackSwan

6. The Shadow

BTS Concept of Map of the Soul:7 was the shadow (inside) and here it is. We can see the Shadow coming from each member!

bts black swan
screenshot from bighit youtube

Moreover, the Shadow behind Suga and Jungkook was Jimin.

bts suga shadow
source:screenshot from youtube bighit

bts jungkook shadow in black swan
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

And For RM, his shadow role is done by JHope.

bts RM shadow in black swan
source:screenshot from youtube bighit

7. JHope’s was Telling TheTruth

J-Hope told that #BlackSwan was Jimin’s Song

Also, see Af reactions from Army here

8. Concept Photo Compilation

Their concept photos Version 1 and 2 have seen on their MV

courtesy to bighit

9. Jungkook’s reflection

Reference has appeared again!

Jungkook Shadow was the same as he was sitting in Fake Love!

Watch full Mv scenes here

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