9 Interesting Things From Suga’s “Agust D-2” In Case You’ve missed

9 Interesting Things From Suga’s “Agust D-2” In Case You’ve missed

Agust D came back in his real form showing he is the King, he is the Boss!

Suga D-2  Mixtape
Photo Thanks to Big Hit

After long suspense of 5 days, ARMYs is finally blessed with the most Iconic Agust D-2 Mixtape four years later from Agust-D. On May 22 6 pm KST, Suga amazed everyone by surprisingly releasing “Daechwita” Mv (a lead single from Album).

Here are the 9 things from Agust D-2 if you have missed it!

1. The Thrilling D teaser series…

From May 17 to May 22 Big Hit Entertainment was releasing Mysterious teasers starting from D-7 to D-3. About which nobody knows nothing. The series remains unsolved until D-2 after that Apple Music Updated the Agust D profile wit a New one.

The D-2 mixtape
Photo Thanks to Big Hit

Dare to complain again to King!

ARMYs were nuts over the ultrasound teasers images as the suspense was killing but they love surprises, Right?

2. The Shadow of No is Ultimate Yes…

When asked about his mixtape on DJ Suga’s Honey FM he told us to wait for a while as it wasn’t finished. Never thought that a small pause could hide such a big hint.

3. “What do you think” history…

What do you think the track was supposed to be included in Agust d but for some reason, it wasn’t. Suga worked hard for it and now it is added in the new D-2 mixtape.


4. The most shocking and chaotic cameo of all time…

Jin and Jungkook made a chaotic cameo in Daechwita Mv. In this scene Both Jinkook starts to fight over nothing and Suga remains the unbothered King!


5. Bang Pd-nim special appearance in Mv…

Big Hit CEO, Bang Si Hyuk affectionately called as Bang PD nim unofficially appeared in Suga’ Mv “Daechwita“.You can see a guy holding the Drawing of PD nim. BTS used to draw Bang Si Hyuk just like this.


6. The shooting place for Daechwita Mv…

The place where Daechwita Mv shot and Yoongi is standing is the Traditional Korean drama set, which is called “Jeon Ok Seo” (전옥서)”.Its a place for a guilty person just like a prison from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897)

9 things you missed in Daechwita Mv

7. Jungkook hinted at the Album…

Did Jungkook just tease Agust D-2 in Run BTS Episode?

8. Executioner dancing before killing the criminals…

망나니 Magnani is an executioner in the Joseon dynasty. His dancing and drinking aren’t just for MV, it’s kind of their ritual. If you have the knowledge or watched period K-dramas, you can see him drinking, dancing, pouring the drink on his sword before he executes criminals.

Suga Agust d Daechwita Mv explained

9. Butchers symbolising the lowest class…

Baekjung is the lowest class (even lower than slave) in Joseon. They were originally nomads from the North who settled in Joseon. Not all but most Baekjungs were butchers so in modern days, it usually supposed that Baekjungs are butchers.

things you missed in daechwita mv
Photo Thanks to Big Hit


Another special Cameo.


Watch “Daechwita” MV Here.

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