8 Most Historic Jimin Hair Colors To Never Forget

8 Most Historic Jimin Hair Colors To Never Forget

During his 8 years, BTS Jimin has wowed many hair colors, starting from red hair to orange, black to Pink Hair Jimin, and blue to purple. Here we will know about the color that was best for him. 

Park Jimin, is a member of BTS, the World’s most famous, successful, and biggest boyband right now. A band, with seven members equally loved by the ARMY, who with every release, breaks the records and makes new history.

bts pictures

Every single ARMY is aware of how much BTS members are daring to experiment with their hair. Since their debut, the septate have got into many hair colors. And particularly here, we will mention and love to talk about Jimin, the most cutest member of BTS.

jimin cute

He holds a huge fan base from all around the World. He is adored by ARMY for his fantastic voice and also for his artistic contribution to music. Moreover, he is not just a great singer but also a striking performer in the group. He is most charismatic when performing on the stage or nailing an outfit or style. He is invincible in matters of fashion and branded as the fashion icon across the Globe. 

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Jimin remained as the highly experimental member when it comes to hair color. All the hair colors that suited him so much have won the hearts of many. Since his debut, Jimin has stood out with many hair colors, whether it pink hair color or a purple one. It has cleared that he can pull off any filter or every shade from the color palette. Jimin has rocked so many hair colors in his career, and we can’t even list down them, but still, we’d love every single one of them,

Hereafter a heavy struggle of picking out only 8 of the most iconic ones. Here’s a chart of Jimin hair colors for your pleasure.

Jimin pink hair

Jimin’s pink hair color was the one that caught everyone’s attention at once as it suited him so much.

jimin pink hair

The soft tone of Jimin’s pink hair during the Spring Day era emphasized his whole face with cuteness, and it gave a fluffy feeling just by looking at him.

This shade lasted long only for few months, but it’s definitely “the one” that we are still waiting for Jimin to bring back. 

promise jimin

Jimin Black Hair

Black is Jimin real hair color and always remain in high anticipation to make a return. While Jimin is the member who does well in any and every shade from the color wheel, but there’s something unique about Jimin’s black hair.

jimin aesthetic

And that is, he looks insanely powerful, graceful yet cute. It’s the only color that enhances Jimin’s duality every time whenever he goes back to black. And the Secret lies in a brilliant combo of Jimin’s pale skin and his charismatic eyes.

jimin black hair

Jimin maintained black hair color for most of the time in 2020. Indeed Black hair is a true embodiment of Jimin’s persona. 

jimin black hair

Jimin Orange Hair

Jimin orange hair is another color that appeared during the BTS Run era.

jimin orange hair

This hue of bright orange made Jimin prominent the whole time. It is considered the color that caused Jimin to go viral after the performance of Perfect Man in Weekly idol. Jimin slew the performance in an oversized shirt and orange hair. And most amusing about this thing is that Jimin knew it and agreed to it in an episode of BTS Home series) Run BTS.

jimin orange hair in perfect man

It will never be easy to forget the Orange hair Jimin.

jimin smile

Jimin Blue Hair

There’s a popular opinion that blue hair on Jimin was the most decisive color ever. Like, from some angles, it looks like an angelic blue. But from other directions, it was turquoise blue or just emerald blue. While hilariously, sometimes it just gave the vibe of intense platinum silver—Jimin, who loves to provide us with enormous shades while having one hair color.

jimin blue hair

This shade of Jimin’s Hair and his cold aura gifted him the title of Ice-Prince. Take a look at his ethereal beauty.

jimin ice price

It’s one of the Jimin hair colors we are craving to see again!

jimin with blue hair

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Jimin Red Hair

Jimin’s red hair was the most fierce color that he had ever tried. It was such a bold choice that anyone would think twice to go for it. But Jimin ate this fantastically.

jimin red hair

This is by far one of the most iconic shades Jimin has ever had. It’s one for the books and an eternal flashback to the “Dope” days. His powerful moves combined with his soft voice and scarlet hair stole everyone’s attention whenever Jimin was on stage.

jimin dope era red hair

Jimin Silver Hair

silver hair was the most iconic hair For BTS Jimin. This color left ARMY in awe since the BTS Blood sweat, and Tears era. Jimin owns this color, and we all know it. He is the Silver prince for opting for most shades of grey.

jimin sexy

He constantly emits prince vibes whenever he goes for silver. Whether it is Dull, metallic, soft, blue, or grey blonde, he did justice with every shade of grey that he experimented with!

jimin blood sweat and tears

           Experience the 50 shades of Silver With BTS Jimin!

jimin cute

jimin smile

jimin gif

bts jimin silver hair

jimin hot

jimin eyes

Jimin Purple Hair

No one can beat Jimin in purple hair. To be honest, It was just such a Jimin color. And we’re blessed to see In our lives. But it lived for a short time.

jimin with purple hair

And the color purple being BTS’s color, fit him so much. ARMY is still waiting to have been able to witness it again. 

jimin purple hair

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Jimin Blonde

. The blonde hair color, without a doubt, is one of the ARMY’s favorites because of how Jimin got to play with it. His first time wore it during “DNA.

jimin curl hair

An actual multi-faceted shade for a multi-talented guy. This shade always looks marvelous on him.

jimin blonde

Jimin in blonde hair with his doe eyes gave us thought that he might naturally be born with it.  

blonde jimin

jimin natural hair color

Rainbow Hair 

In May 2021, with BTS’s recent comeback, Jimin is shown in the new hair color of Rainbow for Butter song. A never-before-seen shade.

bts jimin hair color 2021

Jimin Hair Color Now

And recently, in July, BTS dropped their 3rd English single, Permission To Dance. Right now, Jimin’s hair color is again back to black.

jimin hair color now

A month ago, during BTS VLive session, Jimin revealed he dyed his hair back to black (his natural hair color) from his rainbow hair color. And again made everyone in love with him. During the live stream, Jimin said,

 “I dyed my hair black. For the first time being, it may be hard to try bright hair colors. I planned to cut my hair, but I’ll do that a bit later.” 

And it turns out that he cut down his hair for sure for BTS concept photos in Butter.

jimin hair color for butter

Lately, Jimin is having long black hair with platinum highlights and he’s absolutely slaying it. Just witness how stunning our Jimin is.

bts jimin highlights black hair

His silver highlights for BTS Permission to dance stage concert caused mayhem for obvious reasons.

BTS jimin highlights 2021

Let us see what next shade Jimin will have in the future.

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