8 Moments That Shows Suga Would Never Do This Unless it’s With Hobi

8 Moments That Shows Suga Would Never Do This Unless it’s With J-Hope

Sope bts is just like the Negative and Positive poles who attract each other!

J-Hope is Suga’s energy charger!

Suga and Jhope funny moments

J-Hope is known as Best in Bringing the “Most Cheerful” side of Suga. Also, Yoongi confessed it several times that he needs J-Hope whenever he is worn out or needs energy.

Yoongi once said that Hobi is his ultimate source of motivation because he is extremely unmotivated!

Sope moments bts

The Savage Suga who hate noise places and noise people, but when he’s with J-Hope, it’s alright! For instance, Look how passionately Yoongi is singing with J-Hope.

Here are some funny moments of Sope bts that are difficult to believe but show that Suga wouldn’t do these unless its J-Hope.

1. Remember their Iconic dance scene in Boy with Love?

Sope moments in Boy with love

Their Beautiful Smile shows their telepathy worked…

Sope funny moments

2. Only Hoseok can make Yoongi do Aegyo…

Suga and jhope cute moments

3. When Hobi woke him up from a nap just to…

yoongi and hobi funny moments
Courtesy to Big Hit

do this…

suga and jhope funny moments
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No one dares to wake Suga when he is sleeping but it’s ok with Hobi.

4. When they did A Skin Care Vlive…

sope being funny on vlive
Courtesy to Big Hit

On Crack…

Suga and Jhope vlive
Courtesy to Big Hit

Watch one of the best funny Vlive here.

4. The Hilarious Sope-me photoshoot…

Sope-me photoshoot
Courtesy to Big Hit

The Sope-me photoshoot at the FANTAstic level.

Suga and Jhope
Courtesy to Big Hit

5. When they did a Couple Dance…

Suga and jhope dancing together
Courtesy to Big Hit

6. No way, eyes may be deceiving…

But he is Yooongiiii…

Bts fuuny moments
Courtesy to Big Hit

7. The Cotton Mustache…

Suga and jhope mustache photo
Courtesy to Big Hit

8. A rare sight…

Suga and jhope doing love shot
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Also BTS Jin’ has shown some beautiful piano skills as his new Hobby toARMY

9. Despite members’ concern about them, they wrote ARMY…

Bts funny moments
Courtesy to Big Hit

and so proud of them…

Bts sope moments
Courtesy to Big Hit

Last but not least, when they did Otsukare for the first time…

bts sope otsukare
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So which of Sope‘ funny moments is your favorite?


A True Representation…

BTS SOPE Funny Moments

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