7 Things You Might Miss In Opening Ceremony Of BTS 2020 Festa That’ll Give You Tears Of Joy

7 Things You Might Miss In Opening Ceremony Of BTS 2020 Festa That’ll Give You Tears Of Joy

BTS Festa 2020 opening ceremony will leave you in laughing for minutes!

BTS anniversary is known as Festa that BTS and ARMY celebrate every year for the past seven years) But Festa 2020 has been extra special for the ARMY as it’s THE month for BTS 7th anniversary since their debut.

bts festa 2020
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It was June 13 of 2013, when the world welcomed BTS that in less than a decade has become one of the biggest names in the music industry on a global level. With legions of fans, who are loyal beyond belief, the community formed by BTS is one of love. Hence, as a gift for the ARMY, BTS celebrates FESTA every June.

BTS festa 2017
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On June 1st, Bangtan Tv has released a video ahead of BTS Festa 2020 opening ceremony. The video was shot during BTS’ Summer Package in Saipan back in 2018. In the video, BTS was caught dancing in freestyle on their hit song Airplane pt.2.

Bts summer package saipan
Courtesy to Big Hit

Here are 7 things that you might have missed in their video.

Namjoon collecting the whole world…

V and J-Hope’ sensational dancing…

Imagine as if we are alone in the world.


Grabbing Yoongi a never-ending saga…


Yoongi smacking Jimin’ butt…

Namjoon struggling to do Titanic pose with Jin…

Bts festa 2020 funny opening ceremony

Somethings that will never change…

Only paid promotions…

Editors blurred their Puma shoes.

Watch exclusive Airplane pt.2 (Summer Version).

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