7+ BTS Funny Moments In Making “Black Swan” Mv
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7+ BTS Funny Moments In Making “Black Swan” Mv

During the making of Black Swan MV, some of BTS Funny and Adorable Moments were caught and these will Ponder your Heart for a while.

BTS’s Masterpiece and Iconic Mv for Black Swan was dropped suddenly at Midnight according to KST. This surprise was so good that the ARMY fell for it.

The location (Historical Theatre L.A)was itself a piece of Art but BTS’s presence made it more beautiful and bewildering.

Bts in Black Swan mv
source:screenshot from youtube bighit

Yet worldwide Superstar BTS is incomplete without being Funny and Extra. These BTS Funny and Cute moments will prove that these 7 boys are babies from inside.

Suga’s Shadow was not his Shadow but it was Suga’s Shadow;

During the Mv shooting, there was a scene where Yoongi has a Solo Shoot along with singing on stage and Jimin had to make his Shadow Vibe. Jimin finds it funny to shoot it very far from stage or almost out of the corner of the Theatre to make Suga’s shadow.

He was also the shadow of Jungkook in the Final scene of Mv

JIN’s In-Depth Coverage

Bts Jin funny moment of fancam in black swan
source:screenshot from youtube bighit

As a chaotic duo, Jin and Jungkook always seem to have fun and mess at the same time. For this time Jungkook brings out his camera to take an In-depth coverage of JIN, which can be seen really In-depth.

bts jin in blackswan
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

Bts Jin black swan funny moment in shooting
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

BTS Excitingly Planning a Surprise

They seemed very excited to make their ARMY startled by dropping the Black Swan Mv unannounced.

Bts on shooting Black Swan Mv
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

Which worked exactly as they hoped for.

Funny Moment of V’s Innocence

For V’s Solo Shoot, he was done for it but he innocently insisted on another Shot for the better Outcome.

Bts V n Black Swan
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

His actions were too adorable.

Bts V cute in Black Swan
source:screenshot from youtube bighit


JIN’s shot can’t be done without his Handsome Face. His individual shoot was done in a make-up room having a lot of mirrors side by side in which he can see his Beautiful Face with many angles.

Bts jin beautiful face
source:screenshot from youtube bighit

His staff member said to him “Handsome Face”.  Jin agreed humbly knowing the fact that indeed He is W.W.H. A World Wide Handsome.

RM’s shadow was laughing

Perhaps no-body has seen a shadow laughing but this is not applicable for the Leader of World’s Biggest Boy-Band. Basically his shadow role was done by J-Hope who was laughing doing the Shadow Scene.

Suga’s Twerking

As soon as the Solo Shoot done, Suga turned into Yoongi and his Tiny Twerking out of excitement started.

Taehyung’s Opera

When BTS get to Hall for Choreo, V found it a perfect place to sing Opera with his Deep Voice. He endearingly held RM who is seemed to appreciate his kid.

BTS V and RM funny moments in Black Swan
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

Jungkook Cuddling Taehyung

Jungkook Cuddling Taehyung is the cutest thing of all time. He was hugging his Hyung, and when Tae asked him about how he feels about shooting overseas, he didn’t give any answer instead he just smiled.

Bts jungkook Funny Moment of Cuddling tae
source:screenshot from bighit youtube

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