19+ Hilarious BTS Photos That Will Make You Feel Doubtful About Them.

As we know BTS is a Korean boy band based on 7 members Jhope, Jungkook, V, Suga, Rm, Jin, Jimin. They all are charismatic and extremely professional. But the other side of them might make you fall from your bed. BTS is just perfect and best when it comes to music, chores, and fashion. But sometimes they really make us burst into laughter while saying “What the heck were they thinking?”

Take a look at some hilarious BTS moments that will make your day!!

#1. Bts #Charlie Chaplin Version!

Jimin and jhope.jpg
Photo | Dispatch

#2. Regretting Decisions…

The face of regret when they agreed together that it will be fun if they drink alcohol instead of coke and of course Sprite !!

"funnycourtesy to bighit

#3.Always a step ahead…

Jungkook is teaching us the correct way of wearing backpacks!

bts jungkook.jpg
courtesy to bighit

#4. Happy cute Halloween…

These [to be spooky] people are here to make u feel panic but instead doing so looking so appealing. I never had thought that CHUCKY can be so cute that I will happily ready to be stabbed.

bts jhope funny.jpg
courtesy to bighit

#5. I m The King Of The World…

Bts always take care of each other. They even give massages to other members when they are tired or exhausted. But it seems like Taehyung took it seriously and then this happened to all!!

bts V and jimin.jpg
courtesy to bighit

Aren’t these being the most beautiful faces in the World? Check out How many times JungKook and V awarded the Most Beautiful Faces on Earth… 

#6. I Don’t Have a Think…

bts v funny
courtesy to bighit


bts jungkook funny
courtesy to bighit


bts v funny
courtesy to bighit


<bts jungkook funny
courtesy to bighit

#10. Some Pictures are unable to explain!

bts jhope funny
courtesy to bighit


bts rm funny
courtesy to bighit


bts v funny
courtesy to bighit


bts namjoon
courtesy to bighit


J-Hope is Jungkook’s favorite Hyung to be hugged or cuddled. Little bunny wants to hold J-Hope but it seems like he doesn’t think it would be a good idea especially while he was eating.

funny jhope
coutesy to bighit


Jimin and Jungkook are sharing the reason for their healthy teeth smile.

jimin smile.jpg
source: pinterest

jungkook smile.jpg
source: Pinterest

jimin and jungkook
courtesy to bighit


J-Hope is giving heart to haters, “Nice shot Hobi!!”

bts jhope run bts
coutesy to bighit


J-Hope is eating like there will be no food tomorrow and Jungkook is like what u are doing man? while Suga is looking like a proud Mommy.

jhope, Suga nad junkook
courtesy to bighit


Meditating is good for your health but in mid-air ?????? Only The golden maknae Jungkook can do this.

bts junkook abs
courtesy to bighit


Jin is proudly introducing the way of removing hangover of BTS songs.

bts jungkook abs
courtesy to bighit


The Home Alone Hobbies of Jin…

bts jungkook funny
courtesy to bighit

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