13+ Reasons Why Taehyung Blue Hair Was A Perfect Match For Him

13+ Reasons Why Taehyung Blue Hair Was Drop Dead Match For Him

In 2019, Taehyung Blue Hair left a drastic and eye-opening impression on World that he is now The Official Owner of blue hair color. He made the boldest choice and dyed his hair in ‘cobalt blue,’ which is an exceptional color.

bts v blue hair
Naver x Dispatch

Classic Blue color is selected by Pantone as the Color of the year in 2020. But V voluntarily tried dyeing Blue before the trend and perfectly digested it. Since then, it became a popular color in World and wore by many idol stars. If you are an ARMY and Whenever hear the word Blue Hair you’ll only remember BTS V blue hair.

bts v blue hair
Image Courtesy HYBE Labels

Taehyung hair colors change from time to time. V has tried almost every Color that we can imagine, such as gold, orange, red, pink, silver, and mint. There is No doubt that “There is no color that V cannot digest.” But still then, soon as Taehyung made a debut with Blue Hair, he rocked the era. With a bright blue color that is not easy to try, he looked so perfect to the point that he begins to seem unreal!

kim taehyung blue hair
Image Courtesy HYBE Labels

BTS V blue hair even earned him several nicknames as

  •  The Little Mermaid,
  •  The Blue Hair Fairy, and
  • The Icon of the Blue Hair’.
Taehyung blue hair
Image Courtesy HYBE Labels

Now We are going to share some facts about why Kim Taehyung Blue Hair matched so perfectly with him.

13+ Reasons why Taehyung Blue Hair was an accurate fit for him.


Blue Color represents the Royalty and superiority which, this idol of idols has!

BTS V dionysus
Bangtan Bomb | BangatnTV Youtube


The True Blue term stands for someone who is loyal and trustworthy. And it is no other than V.

taehyung hair colors
BTS V | Big Hit


Blue Color stands for Peace. And V is the person who is peaceful…

jungkook blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit

and wants to live in calm environments such as the countryside.

4.Easy Going and Friendly

Color Blue associates with friendly and easy-going. BTS V may seem really intimidating at first sight.

taehyung blue hair
Osen News

But this is not true. We all know that he is extremely social. He is an outgoing person who loves to make friends and blends with everyone he meets.

blue hair boy kim taehyung
Weverse | Run BTS behind the scenes | V


Blue is perfection, and perfection is synonymous with V. Taehyung earned the title of CG’V for nothing. When Taehyung first revealed his blue hair, he attracted so much attention as it was so perfect that it looked like CG.

BTS Taehyung looking CG V
BTS V | Big Hit

So much that even fans started to believe that it was a temporary color produced by synthetic or hair spray.

Remember the pretty boys from CG animations, which seemed too far out of reach? But in reality, V actually looks even better than CG characters but still is unapproachable!

bts v blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit


Electric or Brilliant Blue Color is the face that we call Dynamic!

And we all agree that BTS V’s stage presence is Dynamic.

kim taehyung blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit

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7. Exhilaration

Cobalt Blue always represents excitement and exhilaration. And this is the reason why Everyone feels excitement whenever they see Blue hair boy “V”.

Taehyung blue hair boy
BTS V | Big Hit

8. Innocence

Blue Color represents the innocence and purity that is enough to define Taehyung,

BTS V hair crown fan meeting
BTS V | Big Hit

and How does one can look so delicate, feisty, and adorable at the same time?


Blue is the color of heaven, and V looks like an Angel sent from heaven!

taehyung blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit

10.Calm and Cool

Blue Color is associated with the terms calm and serene. BTS V is one of those who are relaxed

BTS V | Big Hit

and often able to find peace and tranquility in places where others do not.


Blue and white are the colors of Sky. But Taehyung’s blue hair is the Sky that is over the blazing sun
Look at the charisma created by sight.

taehyung blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit


Blue is Depth. And The World is amazed by the depth of Taehyung’s Visuals.

Taehyung Visuals blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit

His facial features frequently praised by experts for being incredibly dimensional and having lots of depth. That is different because most South Asians have smaller facial structure unlike him.

taehyung visuals
BTS V | Big Hit


Blue Color represents love. And its no wonder how much he loves the ARMY and every person that is related to him.

taehyung blue hair
BTS V | Big Hit


Blue Color is associated with intelligence. And Tae is the hidden intelligent member of BTS who has the sharpest memory.

Taehyung blue hair with bandana
BTS V | Big Hit

According to members and BTS dance teacher, V learns the choreography in a single sight and even remembers the old ones correctly. It is no wonder as he always gives the best songs which he made for healing!


V is always thought of his people with sincerity. He always tries to pour his heart in the lyrics he wrote for the ARMY…

Kim Taehyung blue hair with glasses
BTS V | Big Hit

Just as he did in Winter Bear and Sweet Night. These are songs that show how careful and thoughtful he is!

After the destruction that Taehyung blue hair has created ARMY was reviving with the impact. But BTS‘s V went through a drastic hair color change from blue to black.

In 2019 when BTS arrived for THE FACE Music Awards Taehyung was spotted with a striking new look. After dyeing his hair for many months nearly into every color of the rainbow. BTS V went from bright blue to a natural black hue swiftly.

Taehyung black hair

When asked, V revealed that about his black hair at BTS’s M2U fan sign. He shared that he decided to “calm down” after so much experimentation.

“I wonder I like the black color now. The reason maybe I did too many colorful hairstyles, so I thought I should calm down a bit now”.

The new hair changed Taehyung’s overall vibe to a more mature one, and Jungkook simply agreed, “yeah.”

As of September 2022 Taehyung’s hair color is black and he is maintaining it until now but he always surprises ARMY in with his breathless and ethereal look everytime he appears.

Taehyung hair 2022
Celine Photoshoot

So which Tae is your Favorite?

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