10 Interesting Facts About BTS New Album Contrary To Their Past Albums

This is what we need to know about the BTS New Album!

On May 7, BTS V, RM, and J-Hope held a live meeting on their Youtube channel and discussed the production of their New Album. The main purpose of holding a broadcast is giving fans a natural and gross look at the production process of Album.

BTS RM, V, and J-Hope live
Screenshot from Bangtan TV

Each member reflected their ideas and opinion about New Album. Here is the sum-up of all facts that have been made so far

Bts new Album 2020
Courtesy to Big Hit

1: Completely Self-Produced Album…

BTS is always involved in making and writing process of their albums. But for this time the will do all root and branch of their Album and will take it to another level.

BTS rap line Producing New Album

They will give everything from Soup to nuts to their ARMY about how they thought out and produce their album.

2: New Exciting Roles…

The most thrilling thing about the album is to see BTS members doing different behind the roles. Besides, music-making and composing BTS will also take over production roles. As decided by BTS, Suga will be the designer for the album jacket, Jimin is the Music Project Manager.

BTS jimin is the music Project manager of Album
Screenshot from Bangtan TV

J-Hope will creat the choreography, V will be the Visual director and RM will do the Music management.

BTS V the Visual Director of new Album
Channel korea

Jungkook and Jin didn’t confirm their roles yet. Although based on V, J-Hope, and RM’s live; Jungkook will probably like to fulfill his wish by taking a role in Video production.


3: Suga will be the Album Jacket Designer…

A rare role for Suga. He will be the Album Jacket designer.

Bts suga Passionate Blue Painting
Screenshot from Bangtan TV

In their live stream, V, J-Hope, and RM wonder to have a forthright aesthetic for BTS New Album. Most probably they wanted to have a vacation or travel theme photos.

Bts Bon voyage season 4
Super massive pop.com

This will be a drastic change from past one’s album having more glossy and fashion model aesthetics photos in studios.

BTS Blue Dress Asthetic Photo

4: Promo in a Comfy Way…

One of the popping ideas that these three came up with is to wear a casual comfy dress like white tee shirts and jeans.

NamVHope Live
Screenshot from Bangtan TV

Just like they doned at the end of their LOVE YOURSELF concerts.

Bts Love Yourself era Stage photo

During their meeting, RM, V, and J-Hope also suggested to include backpacks giving a vibe of everyday life events like going to work, going to school, and graduating.

BTS Traveling pics

It would be interesting to see a different look at BTS.

5: Single Album Version…

A few past albums of BTS, have the four different versions of one album. For this, RM suggested that the Album should have only one version.

BTS Map of Soul 7 Covers

6: Self-Styling…

BTS has put on many iconic looks created by their stylist. But now they would like to choose their own attire.

BTS Airport Fashion

As each member has its own characteristic fashion it will be alluring to see the diversity of style.

7: Personalized Photos…

RM and V recommended that in place of studio photos what about including photos taken by members on their own. It will probably have a tone of a scrapbook or collage-style polaroids.

BTS personal pics x Samsung
Courtesy to BTS x Samsung

And most likely, it might seek to find a happy medium between studio photos and snapshots for pictures that feel polished, yet personal.

kin taehyung with camera
We Heart It

8: The Most Conforming Concept For “The New Normal”…

BTS latest album Map of the Soul: 7 focused on seven members while celebrating the seven years together. For BTS New Album they are exploring a concept that will more suit “The New Normal” amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.

BTS map of Soul Concept photo
Courtesy t0 Big Hit

RM also implied to show the “At Home” side of BTS by showing members doing hobbies during their downtime. This could include playing games, singing karaoke, or going on holiday together.

BTS karaoke Photo
Amino apps.com

If so, one shoot would be taken indoors in rooms styled by the members. Also, the shoots capture with members going together outdoors. It should be simple but also captures the attention of fans.

BTS Suga in strawberry farm
Courtesy to Bts-twt

9: Jungkook’s Style Video…

During live V proposed to shoot the videos of the album’s manufacture process similar to Jungkook’s Golden Closet Films. 

Jungkook GCF

These videos will possibly be included in the album package, would be shot and edited by Jungkook himself, or with the assistance of BTS’s staff.

BTS helsinki GCF
Courtesy to Big Hit

10: Sincerity…

BTS has created a vast variety of concepts and music but their sincerity with the ARMY has never changed.

Jungkook  Euphoria
Courtesy to Big Hit

Fans can expect new music of BTS by BTS that speaks from the heart and helps them through these tough times.

Watch Complete live here:

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  1. I am over the moon with this new comcept for the boys !!! They are all so talented individualy and them coming together on this project I only see great things!!! They all ready take such care to put out quality music videos and other content so Im sure this will be up to par. I just got my Army bomb (ver 2) lol Congratulations Bts cant wait to hear see whats next

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